Bianca. (sxy_brown_sugar) wrote in youandme__xo,

Name: Bianca. <3
Age: 15 [ 16 in a month ]
Sex: Female.
Location: Chicago Illinois
Martial Status: Taken by my boyfriend of 11 months. <3
Sexual Preferance: Straight.
Hobbies: Dancing. Talking. AIM. Photography. Shopping. Actting. Watching movies.
Dislikes: About half the girls in the world, all because they are bitches. Rude people. Judgemental people. Getting up early. People trying to give me the 'Mommy' or 'Daddy' lecture. Idiots. Fast food that comes slow as hell. Slow check out lines at the store. Employees that act like the damn manager found them on the streets & gave them a tag with 'Hi! I'm John Smith! I'm here to help!'
Why we should be your friend: I tell it how it is. I'm open minded, down to earth, & sarcastic. I love to have all around fun.

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I just made this new journal yesterday. I'm looking for more LJ friends... don't feel shy. <3

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